Daryl and Beth From “The Walking Dead” Are Dating IRL And It Is Absolutely Amazing

Walking Dead

Spoiler warning for any TOTALLY BEHIND people who haven’t seen all of “The Walking Dead.” P.S. Get your shit together. It’s been over for months.

We were all devastated last season when Beth was killed off in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” She had been with us from early on in the show, and she was the one girl that we could really relate to. She was moody, annoyed with the whole wilderness thing, and had a huge crush on Daryl. You know, Daryl? The walking pile of dirty, grimy, man-sex who made us all sort of wish that zombies would take over the earth? He was the perfect brooding, strong, kill-everything-with-a-cross-bow counterpart to Beth’s, well, understandable white girl, bitchiness. And we really, really wanted them to be a “thing.”

For a while, we actually thought that they would get together. The chemistry. The time he got her drunk. The fact that so very few people were left in the world. But then she had to go get shot, and our dreams of a romance were shot down with her.

Until now. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but some way or another, these two must have seen what we’ve seen all along. They’re perfect for each other. Despite my jealously, it appears that these two decided to pick up where Daryl and Beth left off. In each other’s mouths.

According to the article, the two actors kept in touch even after her character was killed off.

From Us Magazine:

“She always called him the sweetest guy on the set,” says the first source. When Kinney discovered she’d been written off the show, Reedus was among the first to be in touch, she revealed to Us in December 2014. “Everyone reached out, though I remember Norman texted me—he’s so sweet.”

If that doesn’t shock you, the fact that she’s almost 30 years old will. Not only does she look like she’s still in college, but she gets to date one of the most ruggedly hot guys out there. If I wasn’t so obsessed with this relationship, I’d kind of hate her. Thanks for proving that true love can beat zombies, death, and getting cut from an award-winning show. We always knew you two would end up together. #TeamBETHYL

[via Us Magazine]

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