Genius Dad Pulls The Most Badass “Taken” Move When His Annoying Kids Act Like Assholes


Dad jokes used to be harmless. They were silly and goofy and they made you shake your head and say “daaaaad” in a tone filled with embarrassment. And for awhile, we thought we were safe. Sure, dads were goofy but they would never actually use that against us, right?

Wrong. We were so, so wrong.

In a total dad move, one man decided to use his fatherly-charms to make his kids do their chores. According to, he was totally done with his 16, 18, and 20-year-old children leaving their shit everywhere. He would tell them to clean up, they would nod and say “sure” and then they wouldn’t for the same reason none of us ever did our chores. We were lazy, entitled, assholes. That is until they left their dishes in the sink one time too many and Shane Labuza snapped.

Tired of living in a house of cheese encrusted plates and half filled cups of soda, he took matters into his own hands. And printer. And he cleverly re-worded that movie quote that we’re all so obsessed with. You know the one.

Thanks to some dad humor and being, unfortunately tech-savvy, he created the funniest, scariest, most soul-crushing threat a teenager could ever see.

After posting this on the sink, everyone had a good laugh. Until the kids still didn’t clean the dishes because they aren’t peasants. So Shane then shut off the WiFi and shit got serious. No one knows what’s happened to the family since, but I can only imagine that it’s complete chaos. Who knows how many Instagram followers they’ve lost. How many notifications to play some dumb Facebook game they’ve received. How many iMessages are just dangling in space, hoping to be read. It’s a scary world, now that parents are using humor and the internet machine to get back at us.

No one is safe. No one can hide. Tread carefully, kids. Your WiFi just might depend on it.


Image via Youtube / GreatestMovieClips

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