Cutest Ways To Prank Your Sisters This April Fools’ Day

April Fools' Day Pranks

No one really knows why April Fools’ Day exists, but it is definitely one of the best excuses to be an asshole for an entire day without having to face any consequences. I do want to say, though, that while there are some pranks that make me LOL hard when I watch them on YouTube, I would never in a million years want those pranks to happen to me. Sometimes, stunts just don’t turn out well–like the time my middle school friends pretended to do my hair during a sleepover and actually chopped off my long locks. Obviously, I was traumatized. Or that time someone put Vaseline in my shoes. Whatever you do, don’t mess with a girl’s shoes. But fear not, little pranksters! I prepared a list of jokes that will have your sisters rolling on the floor without losing any hair, turning a strange color, or getting tarred and feathered. You can reserve those for your rival sorority. Just kidding! (But really.)

  1. Cover a sister’s desk and chair entirely with post-its.
  2. Fake a candle pass to announce your “pregnancy.”
  3. Leave the empty pizza boxes from last night stacked in the kitchen and send out a chapter email that says, “Free food!! Get it now!!”
  4. Hide all of your roommate’s bras for the day. #LetThemGo
  5. Cover all the house pictures with photos of bodybuilders photoshopped with sisters’ faces–welcome to the gun show.
  6. Swap a sister’s lavender body wash with Axe shower gel. “What? Dirty girls need to get clean, too.”
  7. Take away a sister’s towel while she’s showering. If you’re me, you pull this prank on yourself all the time anyway.
  8. Dump feathers all over a sister’s bed before she wakes up. “Am I in heaven?”
  9. Change a sister’s chevron, monogrammed computer background to some high resolution dick pics.
  10. Fake call off your pinning: “I gave him everything! I was half a virgin when I met him.”
  11. Put homemade barf and an empty liquor bottle in your shared bathroom.
  12. Put a phony “Out of Order” sign from maintenance on all of the washers and dryers in the house and watch everyone go ballistic.
  13. Pretend that you failed your test last week, and now you won’t graduate on time: “My life is over! JK, it’s not.”
  14. Order a sister flowers from a secret admirer with the note, “I’VE GOT A BIG LESBIAN CRUSH ON YOU!”
  15. Tell your little you got her a fake, and hand her yours with the most ratchet stripper picture taped on the front.
  16. Put shaving cream on the backs of all the door handles in the house. #Classic
  17. Staple a love poem to the back of a sister’s paper that is due today in her class with the hot professor. Who knows, it may even land her a date next Friday.
  18. Replace a sister’s wine with a plastic jug of grape juice–but save the real stuff, because no one is that mean.
  19. Toilet paper every hallway, stairwell, and common room in the house. The vice president of housing might hate you afterward, but it’s worth it.
  20. Call a sister pretending to be the bank and say that she overdrew on her account last weekend. You were with her, so you can recall every purchase she made.
  21. Repackage candy bars with diet bar wrappers, and give them to your sister who is “working so hard” to lose three pounds. Happy dieting!

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