Crazy Woman Bites Wendy’s Employee Over Wrong Order

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Don’t you hate it when fast food restaurants totally fuck up your order? It’s bad enough that Starbucks acts like I’m insane for ordering three additional espresso shots in a drink already packed with caffeine. The last thing I need is an apron-clad counter attendant McJudging me for ordering a Big Mac without the meat. I may not know what I’m doing with my future or the current status of my love life, but I definitely know how I like my food.

One Virginia woman resonates with this issue a little too well. The chicken sandwich enthusiast, ironically named Lovely Robinson, was recently charged with maliciously wounding a Wendy’s employee over a wrong order. Employees claim Robinson stormed in the lobby, yelled at a cashier, threatened to come across the counter, and then did just that. She then proceeded to bite the employee on the knee, and remained clamped to her leg until the employee was able to fight her off.

May I just say, what the actual fuck? Since when is it cool to attack people over order complications? I can’t imagine a scenario that warrants that type of violence. Unless maybe there was a frosty involved. Don’t ever fuck with a bitch’s frosty.

The cashier claimed that Nelson “didn’t have her in size, but had her in heart.” I guess you have to maintain a certain amount of respect for anyone willing to take a beating over food. I can think of a few meals I’m emotionally invested in enough to throw a punch or two.

[via CBS 6]

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