Craziest Bride Ever Demands Bridesmaids Pay For Her $10,000 Wedding Dress


It’s no secret that once a lady gets a ring on her finger, she lets all of her pent-up crazy out on her bridesmaids. From all-nighters putting together centerpieces to seven alteration fittings for a dress you’ll never wear again, being a bridesmaid can be a huge pain. However, the next time your BFF asks you with a ring pop to stand by her side on her big day, know that it could be worse — much, much worse. $10,000 worse.

A bridesmaid who chose to remain anonymous, presumably for her own safety, shared the story of the worst bridesmaid experience ever. When her friend Caroline asked her to be in her wedding, she thought all would go smoothly — that is until Caroline’s inner bridezilla began to rear its ugly head while essentially demanding her bridesmaid be her own unpaid wedding planner. In addition to meeting Caroline’s absurd demands for researching all of the cake vendors in the area and designing the boutonnieres for the men’s tuxes, the bridesmaids (of course) had to finance their own dresses. We’re not talking David’s Bridal pricing either. The bridesmaid dresses were $550 each, presumably without alterations.

As if this couldn’t get worse, Caroline picked out a $10,500 wedding dress which she quite obviously couldn’t pay for as I’m assuming she wasn’t marrying an NFL player or the heir to Facebook. Instead of the completely reasonable solution of picking out a less expensive dress, Caroline went a completely different route and got the dress instead. The catch? She decided that the bridesmaids should pay for it. Totally reasonable, right? It was to Caroline, whose reasoning would be that her dress would be sentimental for her bridesmaids. Lol. Good one, Caroline.

What’s maybe even crazier about this entire scenario is that three of the seven bridesmaids volunteered to help finance Caroline’s dress. Wait, what? Don’t get me wrong, I’m planning on having the most expensive mermaid-cut dress that money can buy on my special day, but having an expensive dress means nothing if everyone at the wedding doesn’t know that my baller future husband can throw down his own cash for it, you know what I mean? Anyway, best of luck to Caroline and her poor, quite literally, poor, bridesmaids who have to deal with her crazy. Although to be perfectly honest, I’ll probably be just as bad as Caroline, so who am I to judge? Sorry, future bridesmaids, but this lady has set a standard that I’ll absolutely have to beat.

[via Town And Country]

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