Craigslist Douche Posts Most Genius Ad Ever

Craigslist Douche

DSW is practically my second home, but as all shoe-lovers know, the worst part of bringing home a new pair of kicks is breaking them in. I will not leave for the night in a new pair of shoes without a whole pack of Band-Aids, because blisters are not a joke.

Now, imagine a world where you never have to worry about blistered feet again, a world where it’s possible for you shoes to come pre-broken in. If that was possible, there would definitely be a market for that type of thing. This self-proclaimed “cool bro” is trying to tap into it via Craigslist–he needs someone who can take his Rainbows out for a spin so that they’ll mold to his feet. The ad below, outlining exactly how to walk and where to go to ensure the shoes are “like proper,” is pure genius.

Looking to hire a brah to break in my new Rainbow flops. I don’t have time to do it and I need them broken in like yesterday cause my feet are totally soft from rockin’ my Tod’s driving mocs all winter. This isn’t just your normal everyday flip flop break-in job, I need you to imitate my whole deal so they’re like proper.

First off my gate, you’ve gotta walk like me to get these puppies to fit me right, think McConaughey meets the guy you wish you were who walks out of Citi Bank HQ on a casual Friday, picture a Patagonia fleece vest with a Brooks Bros. non-iron.

Second, you need to go places where I’ll wear ’em to get them used to the terrain. Tribeca Tap House, the Brandy Library, Tiny’s, the Frying Pan, and the Boat Basin. Don’t FUCKING bring these things to Brooklyn, I know you think the roof of Berry Park in Williams-balls is the boner, but it’s just for poor people who can’t afford 230 Fifth.

Outfit provided and pictured below, includes boot koozie in case you need something to help you jam harder to Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. If you don’t know what that is then stay in Hoboken and keep watching MMA.

Send references of other footwear you’ve broken in, if you mention a Ralph Lauren shoe of any kind, especially Polo Sport I’ll know you went to SUNY or CUNY and you won’t be considered.

My old ‘bows are pictured here, they need to look like this by Belmont. Payment negotiable, but you need to be able to accept a credit card cause I want Starwood points for my Amex. Out.

The only detail he left out regarding the shoes is their size.

[via Craigslist]

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