Couple Gets It On In Vegas Ferris Wheel And Are Now Probably Felons

Ferris wheel

Unfortunately for one unlucky couple, it appears that what happens in Vegas also stays on your criminal record. Instead of making the typical Vegas mistakes — gambling away your entire life savings, getting blackout drunk on the strip, stripping while getting blackout drunk, or getting married Ross and Rachel style, couple Phillip Frank Panzica III and Chloe Scordianos decided to make a unique mistake all their own. Since Frank and Chloe couldn’t wait to get back to a hotel room, they decided to make some sexy time of their own. Now this didn’t happen just in public in Vegas, but at the top of Vegas High Roller Ferris wheel overlooking the strip. What could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, a lot of things. Not only did they get caught by security cameras on the ride, but since the Ferris wheel carriages are enclosed in glass, others on the ride got a great view — good enough, in fact, to videotape the couple and turn them into the police. Frank and Chloe now face felony charges of public indecency, which they hope can be cleared out of court. The moral of the story? Don’t drink and have public sex in a Ferris wheel, kids. Just wait until you get back to your hotel room like the rest of us, because as much as I love “Orange Is The New Black”, I’m not exactly ready to star in season 4.

[via Time]

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