Could Having Sex Be Making You Miserable?

Could Having Sex Be Making You Miserable?

Sex! I have it, you have it, and if Hollywood is at all an accurate portrayal of the human condition, then everyone is having it like rabbits. But are you actually having too much sex? And is all that sexing you’re having making you secretly miserable? I mean, look, I don’t really know you, but the answer may indeed be “yes.” But don’t take just my word for it, take some science words as well.

See, researchers at Carnegie Melon University have found that all-night crazy sex-a-thon boning can actually correlate with feeling, ironically, less satisfied with life.

The researches took 64 married couples and then split them into two groups: one that was told to continue doin’ it however often they regularly did, and another that was asked to please up their boning factor by double. After three months had passed, the couples took a survey that measured their overall happiness with their sex habits. And as it turns out, the couples who were told to screw like farm animals reported feeling fatigued and not significantly happier.

“Por quoi?” you might ask if I wrote this article in French. Well, children, the researchers concluded that happiness is derived from sexual pleasure, not sexual frequency. So if you’re doing it left and right but not actually feeling it all the much, all you’re left with is being tired and wondering why your boyfriend can never put your needs first.

Quality over quantity wins again.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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