Cornell Alumna Kicked Out Of Her Sorority For Views On Planned Parenthood

Cornell Alumna Kicked Out Of Her Sorority For Views On Planned Parenthood

Mackenzie Dreeszen, a Cornell graduate and alumna of Delta Phi Delta, international legal honor society, recently had her alumna status revoked by her sorority, because of, well, a Facebook status. Dreeszen posted a status reflecting her views in opposition to Planned Parenthood, which naturally sparked a debate on her page.


Mackenzie “liked” some of the comments supporting her conservative views, but for the most part, stayed out of the conversation, according to Caffeinated Thoughts. Then she received the following email.

Good evening,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Triumvirate of Delta Phi Delta to inform you that you have been taken to Judicial Board based on the disregard for Article III Section ii Subsection ii: “Members should respect each other and the group.”

You were given a trial and the Judicial Board decided that the best course of action based on offenses was revocation of Alum status. With this punishment you will no longer be allowed to attend Delphi events and the removal of the word “alum” on your family line will be active immediately.

While the Judicial Board was unanimous in this decision you have the right to appeal this decision and it will be taken to the group to vote on. If this is the course of action you choose to take; you must respond to this email by noon on Monday, October 5th. If you choose to accept this punishment an acknowledgement through email would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
– The Triumvirate of Delta Phi Delta,
Sarah, Carly, and Kathleen

Having served on judicial herself, Dreeszen pointed out that her “trial” was in violation of the constitution of her sorority, but the board’s decision stands.

This leaves us with the question — where exactly is the line between our organizations’ values, and our members’ rights to free speech?

[via Caffeinated Thoughts]

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