Condom Company Seeks Sorority Girls As Ambassadors

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I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but at some point in the last few years, condoms became uncool. Look, I get it. I really do. Sex without a condom is better. It always has been and it always will be, but that doesn’t mean that having sex without a condom is smart….because nine times out of ten, doing so makes you a fucking moron.

I read a statistic somewhere (meaning it was either on this site or in Cosmo) that said one out of every four college students will experience some sort of STD before they graduate. That’s…gross. While I understand that HPV these days is essentially akin to mono in the 7th grade, passing shit back and forth to your lab partner is still something that you should at least try to avoid. Everyone loves a giver, but no one loves a giver of that. So, do yourself a favor and wrap it up. Besides, need I remind you that condoms also prevent babies? Girlfriends, I know we love to Google Image “fat newborns in costumes” (no, just me?), but babies become instantly not cute when they become…yours…in college. The smart thing to do is to use condoms. Always use condoms.

In an effort to get people practicing safe sex again, Lovability Condoms, a company founded by NYU grad Tiffany Gaines, is a new condom that is turning heads by its almost unheard of marketing technique: appealing to women. While most condoms are targeted at heterosexual men with packaging (no pun intended) featuring Trojan males and attractive women, Lovability Condoms come in adorably decorated tins that are small and discrete enough to be tucked away in a clutch or cross-body. Adding to this female appeal and mission of women practicing safe sex, Gaines is launching a new program that would allow sorority girls to become campus brand ambassadors. Thanks to the program, college students would purchase the condoms in bulk and sell them on campus; all profits would then go to the respective Greek houses of the brand ambassadors.

Look, I know that this is a comedy website, but when it comes to condoms, I think serious trumps funny. There’s honestly no excuse to practice anything other than safe sex. And now, thanks to Lovability, you can help your house and potentially save some lives. Everybody wins.

[via Huffington Post]

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