Most Badass College Student Ever Gives Birth While Taking An Exam

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Exams suck. You stay up all night trying to cram a semester’s worth of knowledge into your over-caffeinated brain while knowing all the while that it’s basically useless. Your thoughtless teachers have scheduled exams back-to-back, meaning you spend days on end exhausted and surviving solely on the calories and caffeine from your skinny vanilla lattes. You look like crap, you feel like crap, and you’re pretty certain that you’ll never make it through. It’s hard to think of anything worse, but here’s one for you. This pregnant college student somehow miraculously managed to survive her exams, while giving birth to a real, live, human child.

According to Refinery29, 21-year-old Shanell Chapman is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Middle Georgia State University. One problem? Her psychology exam happened to be scheduled exactly when she went into labor. With all of the fake excuses we’ve used to skip class while pretending to be sick when really we’re just hungover, most of us wouldn’t bat an eye at sending a quick e-mail to the professor to let them know we’d have to make up the exam. Not Shanell, though. She told her sister, “If I’m not in too much pain, I’ll take [the exam],” which is exactly what she did. Her contractions were three minutes apart at the time. Oh and guess what else? She passed. She’s also mom to a beautiful baby.

The next time you think you “literally can’t” get out of bed and make it to that 8 a.m. class, maybe think again. Because if Shanell can get out of bed, deliver a baby, and take an exam all at the same time, there’s really not too much of an excuse to NOT show up for class, ya feel me?

[via Refinery29]

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