College Girl Accidentally Sends Nudes To Her Dad–You’ll Need To Pop A Xanax Just Reading His Reaction

College Girl Sends Nudes To Her Dad

Romance isn’t dead, you guys. You know how I know? Because conversations like this happen every single day:

“Hey, beautiful. How was your day?”
“Ugh, actually, it was so stressful. I just felt like crying all day.”
“LOL. That sucks. Send nudes?”

See? It’s like a fairytale come true. Sometimes you comply, because you’re an exhibitionist, but it’s better if self-respect wins out. There are so many ways that nude-sending can go wrong. I always encourage people to keep their nudes faceless, because as charming as that conversation is, you can’t always trust a boy to keep your photos to himself. The only thing worse than a dude sharing your nudes is sharing your nudes with the wrong dude.

I have this panic attack every single time I ever send a questionable text. The moment your iPhone says “Sending” instead of the person who you’re texting’s name is a moment of sheer terror. Am I sending this screenshot back to the boy with whom I originally had the conversation? Am I talking shit to the girl I’m talking shit about? Am I sending this naked photo of myself to my dad?

If you’re Nyjah, then yes.

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