Coffee Fixes The Damage That Alcohol Does To Your Body


We just found out that drinking wine before bed actually makes you skinny. As if you didn’t need another excuse to drink, science just proved that there is a way to remedy the damage that seven shots of tequila do to your liver. And the answer is Starbucks.

According to CNN, the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics journal just released a study linking coffee intake to a healthier liver. After many calculations and research, the team concluded that a whopping four cups of coffee per day could decrease the risk of cirrhosis by 65 percent. For those us who aren’t pre-med, cirrhosis is a liver condition that occurs when you drink too many bottles of wine per day and your liver essentially starts to shut down. Not ideal. The risk of cirrhosis varies by individual, so it’s probably better to play it safe and get an extra latte or two per day.

The study, which was conducted in England, is the first step in more research into the subject. Experts in the field are now calling for clinical trials for further analysis. That’s right, you might actually be able to get paid to get drunk then drink coffee. And while four cups may be ambitious for some of us, the study also reports that even one cup of coffee per day can lower the risk of a cirrhotic liver by 22 percent.

So ladies, go get those pumpkin spice lattes and white chocolate mochas. Do it for your health.

[via CNN]

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