Clinique And Crayola Is The Strangest And Cutest Collab In Ages

Clinique And Crayola Is The Strangest And Cutest Collab In Ages

A beauty addict myself (youtube channel coming soon), I love me some Clinique. Their CC cream, concealer, and endless amount of free gifts with purchase make me a die hard fan. A lot of people don’t see them as cutting edge, and with today’s makeup trends being more and more bold, it seems like Clinique has fallen into the background of the current landscape of dark matte lipsticks and holographic highlighters. But don’t count them out yet, they just released the cutest and most unexpected collab for a limited edition chubby stick lip line – with Crayola.

I’ve used Clinique’s chubby lipsticks and they are a real gem. They glide on super smooth and give you a good amount of color and moisture that will last for a night out with some touch-ups. The packaging for this limited edition is also super adorable, like a little crayon box as seen above. While that crayon box is cute, take a look at just how adorable and nostalgic the individual chubby stick is.

I know, it seems completely ridiculous that a Clinique would team up with Crayola. But then, it makes so much sense. Both pairs are experts at pigmentation, naming, and packaging. And they did deliver on the iconic Crayola names. Does nobody else remember the mauvelous crayon? Growing up I would imagine doing my lips with the perfect shade in my 128 pack of Crayolas just like my mom did with her actual lipstick, I’d even bring my coveted brick red crayon in my stage makeup bag for dance like an idiot five-year-old. And now thanks to the adorable packaging, I really can. And according to Janet Pardo, the senior VP of product development for Clinique, that nostalgia was the goal, “Both Crayola crayons and Clinique Chubby Sticks are love marks. Each of them are recognizable, completely unmistakable, when you pull them out from the box.”

The lip sticks which were released today, are available for $17 each which is a great price since it’s the price of the original chubby sticks and come in both intense and regular. I’d recommend the intense if you’re looking for something to last you a whole night. But if you don’t know which shade you want, you could try a set of 8 minis for $49.50 or 4 minis for $25.

While lip sticks are the classic chubby stick, Clinique also has an extensive collection of chubby sticks including eyes. Who knows? Maybe you could be doodling in your outer corner in a few months with the iconic “Purple Mountain Majesty.”

[via Refinery29]

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