Christian Louboutin’s New Nudes Are For Everyone

Christian Louboutin's New Nudes Are For Everyone

Because we weren’t already obsessed enough with Christian Louboutin and his beautiful (read: too expensive) shoe line, the designer has given us yet another reason to obsessively stalk his website and dream of the days when us mere mortals will be able to own the entire collection. Louboutin expanded his line of nude shoes in 2013, creating a range of colors to match a variety of skin tones. This year, however, he has added two more colors in pale white and dark brown, bringing the range to a total of seven colors.

Longer legs? Yes, please! Shop nudes in our bio. 📷 @sofiaandmauro

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So no matter if your skin tone is closer to white chocolate or dark chocolate, there will be a shoe for you. Better yet, the brand has also realized that women don’t all love to wear heels, and they have added a new nude flat called the “Solasofia.” Louboutin says that his goal for the shoe was to inspire self-confidence, putting the focus on the person as opposed to the shoe itself.

Now before you go running for your credit cards, keep in mind that the shoes will cost you between $600 and $700. I couldn’t help but notice that if you were to purchase the heels and flats, you will have dropped enough money to cover a semesters worth of dues. Clearly, Christian Louboutin is trying to convert us from sorority women to high-end fashion snobs. I love my sisterhood as much as the next girl, but those shoes may just change my mind.

[via Huffington Post]

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