Chris Harrison Rewrites His Final Rose Speech On Jimmy Kimmel And It Is Just Perfect

chris harrison goodbyes

Chris Harrison has been a staple of the show since it started. His robotic entrances to let everyone know it’s the final rose (as if no one noticed) has become a part of the natural progression of The Bachelorette. Whenever ex-contestant Wells takes to Snapchat, he practices Chris’s famous “coming up.” Usually, Chris’s general presence is creepy and weird. His forced, scripted conversation makes the show almost unwatchable. But then there are moments when you are reminded that he is a person too, like last night on “Jimmy Kimmel.”

How long do you think he’s been waiting to say all of this? After seasons of beautiful idiots being rejected on national television, there is no way he hasn’t built up a stock pile of things he wishes he could say. Anything from “what did you think was going to happen?” to “you are clearly delusional.” But this clip is a really good start.

Keep it up, Chris. You got my rose.

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