Chi O Sends Out Survey To Every Fraternity On Campus Looking For Formal Dates, People Think It’s Weird

Chi O Sends Out Survey To Every Fraternity On Campus Looking For Formal Dates, People Think It's Weird

Chi Omega at Missouri University of Science Technology did what is either the weirdest or coolest thing ever. For their semi-formal, instead of having girls invite dates in the traditional way (with a million texts to their best friends asking which emoji to use when they ask the guy they’re not-dating to dress up and hang out for a night), they decided to leave it up to chance. The girls put together a little survey, which is no longer available, and sent it out to all the fraternities. They were told if they wanted to go to formal, they’d be matched up with a Chi O. The email, obtained by TSM, reads as follows:

“Presidents, if you could send this out to your house, that would be great.
Attention Fraternity men of Missouri S&T,

If you would like to go to the Chi Omega Semi Formal, then this is your chance! Just fill out the survey monkey below with your name, age, and house by Thursday, 10/8 at noon. Then, we will pair you with a Chi Omega, and that will be your date for the evening!

You have to be able to attend on October 16th. And on a serious note, if you fill out the survey, that means you want to go to semi formal. We don’t want a no show on the day of, cause that’s zero fun.

*Note: There is a chance that not everyone who sends in their name will be able to attend, due to a limited amount of spots. Sorry, that’s just how it works. We will notify you sometime next week with the name of your date.

Also, keep in mind a couple rules. You’re not allowed to pregame, and if you are under 21, there will be no drinking at the Locker Room. You will be meeting your date at Chi Omega and someone will be driving you to the Locker Room, then you have to stay there until it’s time to go, and we’ll drive you back. No walking home or leaving early.

So if you would like to go, just fill out the survey by Thursday at noon!

The campus went crazy. Posts were all over Yik Yak calling the ploy desperate and pathetic, but…I don’t know. I kind of think it’s awesome. You ever notice how the people you’re *forced* to hang out with are the people who become your friends? That’s why it’s easier to make friends when you’re in school and activities than when you’re out in the real world. I just feel like being set up on a date would be kind of fun. You go out every night of your life hoping you see someone attractive, hoping he’s brave enough to come talk to you, hoping she doesn’t turn you down…doesn’t this kind of guarantee it? You will meet someone cool tonight. I don’t know, call me crazy, but it just seems like a good way to meet someone you potentially fall in love with, then marry, buy a house, have 2.7 kids and a dog. I don’t know, just spitballing.

The sorority immediately retracted the survey when they saw the backlash, apologized if they offended anyone, and resolved to just ask guys to their formal Sadie Hawkins style (which, by the way, is everyone’s least favorite fucking style).

Maybe someone else can make this a thing, because I’m about it.

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