Chelsea Handler’s Life Advice Will Totally Change Your World (Video)


Is there anything worse than watching someone get everything you ever wanted? Yes, actually. It’s if one of your friends getting everything you ever wanted. Whether it’s the dream job, the great boyfriend, or the all around perfect life, it feels shitty to see this person get what you want. Get what you don’t have. But the reason it feels even worse is because you feel like a pile of shit for being jealous. This person is your friend. You want them to be happy. So why are you smiling on the outside, while internally imagining kicking her in the teeth before showing up to her internship and pretending to be her?

Because jealousy just happens. It’s not something you can control, but it sure does make you feel like roadkill when you want to be happy for someone, but can’t. So the queen of comedy, bitchiness, and life in general, Chelsea Handler, decided to give women everywhere a little helpful advice for getting ahead in life. In her usual blunt and oh-so-honest way, she manages to break down why you feel bad, what to do about it, and the reason you shouldn’t get hung up on it.

No matter how many likes your friends get or how hot their boyfriends are, just remember — you’ve got something to offer too. If Chelsea got overlooked and is now making bank, I think we all have a shot, too. Or at least we might end up not total trainwrecks. Close enough, right?

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