Check Out The First Ever Female Pro-Football Player

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Jennifer Welter was tackled by a man twice her size this weekend, and it felt great. She made history as the first woman to play a non-kicking position in a professional football league.

I didn’t even know about the Indoor Football League until now, but when the Texas Revolution took on the North Texas Crunch, they made a historic leap for female athletes. Welter had three carries–which, after some research, I discovered is quite impressive. This woman, who is 5 foot 2 inches and 130 pound, got lit up by a 245 pound defensive lineman during the game.

What’s even better is she said, “Is that all you got?” after being steamrolled by a man twice her size. Although she had to be hurting the next day, you just know Welter’s impressively tough–I mean, she’s a ballsy female professional athlete. Even though she lost a yard and probably will have bruises for months, she gained the respect of her teammates and opponents. Maybe next year she can work her way up to the Texans.

I wouldn’t mind being taken to the ground by an attractive football player, but not at full speed and not during any kind of competition. And definitely not in public.

“I’m an athlete, I’m competitive,” she said during an interview, “But the bigger thing for me is obviously for little girls to see they can do everything just like little boys can.” I like her swag and her confidence in the future generations. She also wanted people to know she wasn’t trying to show that women are physically as strong as men, but that there are athletic, competitive, strong women who simply want to showcase their talents as well.

Whether or not you think she should be allowed to play, she is. Whether or not you think Michael Sam should be allowed to play, he is. And guess who isn’t playing? You. Jennifer Welter is out on the field, making it happen. Petty opinions on gender and sexuality won’t stop these go-getters, so keep hating from the comfort of your home.

[via The Post Game]

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