Channing Tatum Surprised Fans At This “Magic Mike XXL” Screening, There Was Pelvic Thrusting

Channing Tatum Surprised Fans At This

Picture this: you and your horniest friends decide to attend a Magic Mike XXL screening, because testosterone. You’re innocently waiting for the show to start when a group of chiseled bronze man-gods emerge and begin pelvic thrusting all over the place. Then, Channing Tatum rips off an old man disguise and spreads his manly goodness all over the place. Orgasmic, right?

Well, this exact thing happened to one group of lucky ladies, and we’re all pissed that we missed out on the party. The guests thought they were in for a TV screening of the movie, and were overwhelmed to find an array of hunky man meat bumping and grinding about the room. Channing Tatum was the icing on the cake, despite his questionable facial hair and weird newsboy hat. Check out the footage below.

Lucky bitches.

[via BuzzFeed]

Image via YouTube

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