Channing Tatum Comes To Tulane

One of the sexiest men on earth, Channing Tatum, is currently all over Tulane University’s campus. He and the newly skinny mini Jonah Hill are filming 22 Jump Street in New Orleans this week, and sorority girls are abuzz over this total smokeshow existing in their universe. Understandable. Unfortunately, no one cares that Jonah Hill exists, and everyone is currently plotting the best way to break up Chay Tates and his wife. My suggestion? Take Chay to The Boot later and get it in. Or, you could always feign interest in Hill for a quick brush with celebrity. After all, that little nugget needs love, too.

Channing Tatum, Tulane

Everyone knows that New Orleans is the best place to go to school, because it’s already a den of sin (plus Mardi Gras), but it’s been scientifically proven now that Channing Tatum is basically Tulane’s Homecoming King. If you haven’t met him at his ratchet bar in the French Quarter, Saints and Sinners, now’s your chance to hightail it to NOLA for a night with a featured dancer from Step Up 2: The Streets. Tell him that even if you woke up without your memory, you’d still accept him as your husband — there’s a zero percent chance this fails, but if you can’t bring yourself to use a pickup line, you can just join the droves of other girls currently stalking him from across the quad (nothing weird). After all, your own personal stash of blurry iPhone pictures will be far superior to furiously Googling him 24/7. Plus, it will save you from nights of watching Magic Mike on mute.

Channing Tatum, Tulane 2

Channing Tatum, Tulane 3

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 2.38.25 PM

So, ladies, may the odds be ever in your favor when it comes to breaking up a perfect couple and claiming the prize as your own. I have faith in your stalking abilities. Sadly, I hear he’s been wearing a shirt all day, which means that he’s pretty much useless. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that he’ll spot some random biddy in norts from across the quad and fall in love, but a girl can dream.

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