Chad From ‘The Bachelorette’ Just Stole ANOTHER Contestant’s Ex Because He’s Actually Insane


Remember Chad? The loveable guy from “The Bachelorette” who used gimmicks like honesty and eating a raw sweet potato to get attention? Yeah. That guy. Since he left the show, things have been much more tame, but that hasn’t stopped The Chad from fucking shit up IRL. Pulling all of the moves he threatened on the show, he made sure that his fifteen minutes of fame didn’t fade with JoJo’s lack of passion for him.

After getting removed from the show he secured a spot on the coveted ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. But if that wasn’t enough, the creator of the show hinted at a brand new program starring, you guessed it, Chad.

But Chad still wasn’t happy. Oh no. Just like he threatened to do on the show, he has made it his personal mission to screw with all of the other guys who fucked him over. Or I guess, he’s made it a mission to screw their girlfriends, to be a little more accurate. First, he hooked up with Robby’s girlfriend and posted it all. over. social media. And now? He’s moving on to Grant.

You know, Grant? The Giant Chin? Firefighter? Well, here he is with his ex, Jen Green.

Couple'a boneheads &#x1f480💀

A photo posted by Jen Green (@jen.not.jenn) on

And sometimes he lets me play dress-up. 💁🏻🔥🚒💕🚨

A photo posted by Jen Green (@jen.not.jenn) on

Annoyingly cute, right. And now here’s Jen Green with none other than Chad. Because, of course.

Now I’m not exactlyyyy sure what happened here, considering I think Grant said like five words on the show. But according to Jen’s bio, she is a producer, and considering she’s cuddling with the enemy, there must be a story here. And if I recall correctly, there was a little bit of tension between the two guys on the show. So on one hand, it’s obviously that Chad is actually unstable. On the other hand, you gotta admire his determination to ride this thing into the ground. Now taking bets on what, and who, he does next.

[via Elite Daily]

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