Carrie Bradshaw Wants You To Shop At Walmart

Sarah Jessica

One of my favorite things about Sarah Jessica Parker is that she’s basically her character Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. And one of my favorite things about Carrie Bradshaw is her complete disregard for her financial situation. She spends her rent money on a pair of ugly shoes and a hat that looks like a bird. Between paying her rent or getting some strappy sandals, she’ll pick the strappy sandals every time. Needs a loan? No way, she had like $1,000 in her savings.

For awhile, SJP was living the Carrie life. She created an expensive shoe line, she launched her products at Bloomingdales, and she wears the same things Carrie wears (read: insane AF headpieces).

Other than her choice in men, she was basically a walking version of her television show character. Until now.

In the strangest business move of all time, SJP has decided to be the face of “Jordache,” a jean line. Which is weird on it’s own. Carrie wouldn’t waste her time promoting denim when she could promote couture. But weirder still, the brand is being released at none other than Walmart. Target’s uglier, sluttier sister. The place that makes you immediately want to get a hepatitis shot upon leaving. The place you go if you need some windex and every other store has burned down and the world is actually over.

So yeah. Carrie Bradshaw is promoting a line of jeans. At Walmart. I think we can just give up on fucking life now.

[via Entertain This]

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