Calvin Harris Has Rightfully Snapped And Is Going In On Taylor Swift

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In case you haven’t logged into Twitter today (No? You don’t have a serious addiction to social media? Just me?), there’s new Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris drama. Wahoo! If you haven’t been following the saga that is Taylor Swift’s love life, it’s complicated. Not like “I’m not sure if he’s in love with me or sleeping with me” complicated, it is actually real life complicated.

Taylor’s ex, DJ and buff person Calvin Harris, logged into this morning and decided he’d had it. Let’s break this down so there’s no confusion.

This is Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. They were a couple. They dated from February 2015 to approximately June 1, 2016. That’s almost a year and a half. That’s basically marriage in my eyes. Apparently, she never met his parents. For the most part, a pretty unproblematic couple.

This is Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. They began dating mid-June 2016. They’ve been dating for a little over a month. She has met his parents. They’ve apparently said the “L” word. A very problematic couple. Tom wore an “I <3 TS" tank top at her annual Fourth of July party. Nauseating.

Nope – We're not having that! Tom H and Taylor MUST be just having a laugh with us. #IHeartTS

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Despite this extreme slap to the face, Calvin Harris has remained silent. He’s a hot DJ with a booming career and girls with big butts surround him at all times ready to help him forget about Taylor. He was doing juuust fine. Calvin also released hit summer jam, “This Is What You Came For” with Rihanna. According the All Music, the song was written by Calvin and Nils Sjöberg. No big deal. People have co-writers all the time, right? WRONG! This “Nils Sjöberg” character is none other than Taylor Swift herself.

Looking for attention while off tour credit, Swift’s team released Nils true identity. Feeling used for publicity, Calvin took to Twitter. Here’s the receipts.

It started out innocently enough.

Then BAM!

Conveniently enough, Katy Perry tweeted out this shrugging Hillary gif. Shady.

God bless everyone have a beautiful day. 🙂

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