Calling All Dancers: Here Are The Best “So You Think You Can Dance” Routines Of All Time


After what seems like forever, “So You Think You Can Dance” is finally back. THANK GOD. It doesn’t feel quite like summer until you gather around the television and talk about how shitty that one girl’s flexibility is. Because if there’s one thing ex-dancers love, it’s criticizing other dancers. “Her turns are off, point your toes, the competition piece I did to this song was soOOooOOo much better.” So, naturally, when the hit show “SYTYCD” first aired in 2005, we were instantly obsessed. We’d fall in love with our favorite contestants, imitate the dances, and hate on the girls who had better turnouts than us.

Despite the years, our obsession is still there. Sure, when dealing with the stress of school (read: hangovers), and multitasking having a life and having a love affair with Netflix, watching a dance competition show isn’t necessarily at the top of our to-do lists. That doesn’t mean we don’t have an everlasting love and appreciation for it. In case you don’t remember why you love the show so much, here are some of the best “So You Think You Can Dance” routines of. all. time. I dare you to not start counting, tapping, and body rolling.

Sasha and Twitch (Season 8)

Katee and Twitch (Season 4)

Sasha and Kent (Season 8)

Lacey and Neil (Season 3)

Chelsie and Mark (Season 4)

Top 8 Group Dance (Season 8)

Melanie and Marco (Season 8)

Travis and Heidi (Season 2)

Courtney and Mark (Season 4)

Kayla and Kupono (Season 5)

Melanie and Marko (Season 8)

Top 10 Group Dance (Season 2)

Katee and Joshua (Season 4)

Neil and Sabra (Season 3)

Melanie and Neil (Season 8)

Top 4 Group Dance (Season 2)

And then that one beautiful time when Ellen decided to randomly jump in a dance. UGH. Best show ever. Though time has passed, our love for the competitive dancing series will always live on. Start stretching ladies, because season 12 of “So You Think You Can Dance” airs tonight, June 1 at 8/7c on Fox.

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