Call Blocking for iOS7 Could Revolutionize Hookups

Regret giving out your number to Peter from Tinder who you later found out has three kids? Or Matt from the bar who took you back to his mom’s basement? Me too. Thankfully Apple has finally come up with a solution.

“In one of those small yet important changes, Apple has finally added a feature many have been requesting for a long time: call-blocking. The feature not only blocks phone calls from numbers you’ve blocked, but text messages and FaceTime calls too.”

Good news, everyone. Help is here. You’ll now have a “block list” option that can keep the reminders of your nights of shame at bay when they won’t be able to call, message, or FaceTime you. Of course, this does work both ways. Am I concerned that my almost-but-not-really-ex-who-I-only-made-out-with-once-but-called-incessantly-for-weeks-anyway will redirect my number onto one of these block lists? Definitely. But it’s a small price to pay to make sure “Jeremy 3 Inches” in my contacts remains a one-time drunken mistake. My advice? Move onto the next one and do your best to make sure your crazy is well-hidden. Or maybe just start exclusively sleeping with guys who have Androids. Yeah, probably that one.

[via Apple Intelligence]

Image via Apple Intelligence


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