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Cal Poly’s Kappa Kappa Gamma To Move Into Insane Asylum

They’re Kappa Kappa KRAZY, you guys! KKG, the newest sorority at California Polytechnic State University has just gotten the go-ahead to occupy an historical building as their new sorority house. The building’s former use? An insane asylum! Straight up Accepted style.

The Hageman Sanitarium was built in 1895. For years, it operated as a mental institution, but was soon transformed into a private residence, and then into a bed and breakfast. The next stop on the establishment’s journey is girl world. Ten Kappa Kappa Gammas will move into the nine-bedroom house full time, while other members will congregate there for chapter meetings and “special events” to be approved by the administration.

This is nothing short of an awesome way to start your sorority out. Brand new to campus, and your house will already be known as the “Sanitarium” before anyone does anything batshit insane? I think it’s a great move. If “I’m in a sorority” wasn’t already a great reason to act as crazy as you please, “I live in a nuthouse” certainly is. I say the girls own it, and throw the most epic Halloween parties on campus every year. Oh, sororities aren’t supposed to host parties? Well, there are a lot of rules in sororities — “No boys allowed,” “No drinking in the house,” “No cocaine with new members.” Do you think people follow them? Not a chance.

You rock this, girls. Crazy is the new black.


[via NBC]

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