“Caitlyn Jenner” Is Going To Be The Most Popular Halloween Costume This Year And People Are PISSED

People are dumb. That’s a given. They text you saying that they’re going to sleep, and then you see their Snapchat at a bar a few hours later. They “like” pictures of their exes on Instagram, and as soon as tequila touches 99 percent of the population’s lips, they become assholes.

Still, when it comes to Halloween, people usually outshine themselves in the “what the hell were you thinking” category. From dressing like Hitler (yes, really) to going full-on “black face,” people use this holiday as an opportunity to piss off as many others as possible.

This year will be no exception.

According to Mashable, the most offensive Halloween costume is also projected to be one of the most popular of the season. So what could be so upsetting that it’s offending tons of people? Well, considering how our generation is, it could be anything. But this time, it’s the “Unisex Call Me Caitlyn Costume.” Yeah, it’s as bad as you’re imagining.


Based off of Cait’s “Vanity Fair” cover, it’s just about as ridiculous as it could get. But hey, for the low price of $49.90, you can make a complete fool of yourself and guarantee that you’ll lose friends. Not to mention merit a scolding from a drunk “activist” girl who’s dressed as a slutty cat. Ah, can’t you just hear the Twitter jokes already?

As you can see, dressing up as something completely offensive isn’t new. I mean, remember last year’s “Ebola Nurse” or “Malaysia Airlines” costumes? Making everyone hate you on Halloween is just the name of the game for some. But if your plan is to make as many people as possible want to kill you, I’d suggest just going as Hitler. The costume will be much cheaper and you won’t have to wear a tight corset.

[via Mashable]

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