Britney Spears’ *Real* Singing Voice Leaked — Listen Here

Britney Spears is a legend. She’s been making breathy, auto-tuned songs since the dawn of time (or the ‘90s), she shaved her head, and she made plaid skirts a thing, but our generation remains endlessly loyal to her. “She lip-syncs!” they said. “She has no talent!” critics cry. “Christina is better!” people shout from the the loser’s circle. True as those things may be, we love her. She’s Britney, bitch. Who else in the world could contribute three words to a song, and get their name listed as the artist? No one. No one but Britney.

But imagine, for a moment, a world in which music enthusiasts got their ways. A world in which Britney actually sang, without the help of technology altering her voice. What would that world be like? Perhaps, something like this.

That’s not a world I want to live in.

The Britney medley was put together by a fan, who claims that the clips come from a concert Britney gave in Las Vegas, circa 2001. YouTube commenters say the clips were doctored, but it does still sound like our girl. Maybe it’s just all the dancing that’s taking away from her vocals, but in either case, I’m comfortable with letting her lip-sync for the rest of our lives.

[via Huffington Post]

Image via Associated Press


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