Britney Spears is Writing a NOVEL

Britney Spears already has a list of titles to add to her resume: Iconic pop singer, hottest teenager of the 90s/early 2000s, Actress, mother, divorcee, X Factor judge, best comeback story in history, my BFF. Ever the over-achiever, all of these accolades are not enough for Brit Brit, so much that she has decided to start calling herself something else: an author!

Britney is currently in negotiations with It Books (an imprint of Harper Collins) on a deal for her first novel. The novel will NOT be a memoir, reports state. Britney Spears will be creating her own fictional work of literary masterpiece.

Sources speculate that Spears will draw inspiration from celebrity authors such as Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Snooki, who penned novels based on their real life experiences. So, basically, the novel will be a memoir thinly wrapped in a fictitious veil…so I’m guessing she’ll write her life story but just change everyone’s name and like, two minor details.

Either way, I’m completely thrilled, and as soon as I figure out when the book will be released, I’m ordering an advance copy. Britney is one of my favorite pop singers ever, and I actually do think she perfectly exemplifies that even if you do have a few bad years, you can always just lose some weight and get your shit together and everyone will still like you more than the other girl with more vocal talent. Also, I really want to know ALL of the juicy details of her dark years. I’m also really hoping that she uses this experience to even the score with the paparazzi and tabloids who have started so many rumors about her in the past.

Most of all, I’m elated that Britney is actually competent enough of a reader/writer to be able to pen a book on her own. I’d be lying if I said I was previously confident she was literate.


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