Brilliant Man Pays for Ticket With Origami Pigs

A gentleman in Somewheresville, Texas managed to incur a $137 fine for having an expired inspection sticker on his car. After going to court to prove he did, in fact, pay for the sticker but did not receive it, the judge did not even reduce his fine. He also apparently had a previous red light ticket from a camera which captured him over the line .05 seconds after the light changed, so he decided to utilize his pent up rage against the machine to do the following:

Yes, he folded all 137 dollar bills into origami pigs, placed them in donut boxes, and carried them to the court house to pay his fine. Fuck the opportunity cost of however many hours he could have spent doing something to offset the costs of said ticket, this man had a point to prove and probably some mild mental disorder common to redditors. He did get props from the officer, but sadly had to unfold the bills in order for the payment to be accepted. N.W.A. would be proud.


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