BREAKING: Theta’s Kite Looks Like A Vagina

Kite Vaginas

As sorority women, we get made fun of. A lot. We get made fun of for buying our friends (haters), for not doing well in our classes (despite the fact that we’re usually at the top of our classes), and, of course, for taking pictures with our “gang signs” just about every place we go. Disney? Rock your arrow. On a cruise? Throw up that crown. In the hospital after breaking your leg? You better believe you’re going to make a diamond with the sexy doctor who fixed you up.

Recently, a picture on Imgur, a site home to “the most viral photos on the web” caught my attention. It wasn’t because of the attractive girls who look like the thousands of attractive girls in sororities everywhere, or because they were doing a body contortion known in the Panhellenic community as “kiting,” a pose sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta do. What caught my attention was the title:

Sorority Vagina (SFW).

Sorority Vagina (SFW)

After taking a moment out of my busy (“Sex and the City” marathon-filled) day to stare at the picture, it took me about 30 seconds before I “couldn’t even” and completely lost it. And then, because I’m way too curious for my own good, I Googled “SFW” only to find out that it stands for “safe for work.” And, apparently, some of the more pervy viewers were disappointed that it wasn’t a picture of female sorority members’ vaginas. And, once I gained that piece of knowledge, I once again couldn’t even.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about Panhel love. I have friends in tons of different sororities, including Theta. Hell, I’ve rocked my own gang sign in the middle of a Theta kite, as dirty as that sounds. But, as I stared at the vaginal-looking flaps that those girls’ arms made, I couldn’t help but laugh.

It got me thinking about just how many things we do as “sorority girls” that make other people laugh. And this “sorority vagina” picture is kind of a good analogy for life. Just because other people don’t understand it, it doesn’t mean it’s not special. Just because other people make fun of it, it doesn’t take any of the meaning away. And just because, to some people, those women look like they are making a giant vagina, it doesn’t mean that those same women aren’t creating a lifelong bond and carrying on generations of tradition.

What it does show is that you shouldn’t take things so seriously. So some people think your sorority’s sign looks like a wide-set vagina. It kind of does. Who cares? It’s awesome and hysterical and great. Life is meant to be enjoyed. It is supposed to be full of laughter and of moments that make you smile in the worst ways at the wrong times. This includes the fact that ONE thing your fantastic sisterhood does kind of resembles a vagina to some people. No, scratch that, especially the fact that it kind of resembles a vagina. Own it. Love it. Life is meant to be taken by the horns and thrown in your vagina kite, because you are in charge of where you go and how you respond to everything that comes your way.

So laugh it off, Theta. You keep kiting and let the perverts say what they want, because in the end, any press is good press #PanLove.

[via Imgur]

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