Breaking News: Wine Milkshakes Now Exist

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Have you ever thought about the frustratingly vast gap between the delicacies of the French countryside and the menu at Dairy Queen? Yeah, I haven’t, either–but apparently Red Robin has. This spring, the semi-popular food chain looks to satisfy the needs of both dessert lovers and connoisseurs of cheap wine at the same time. You read that right. The wine milkshake is here.

Red Robin calls this boozy concoction the Mango Moscato Wine Shake. They make it with Alice White Moscato, SKYY Infusions Moscato vodka, mango purée, and vanilla soft serve ice cream, and it will be available through Sept. 1. The shake, mostly targeted toward 35- to 49-year-old moms in need of a break, sells for $7.49. Created by a “master mixologist,” the wine shake complements Red Robin’s O’Fest Beer Shake. First introduced in Fall 2012, the beer shake includes vanilla soft serve, caramel, and Sam Adams OctoberFest.

Red Robin’s Chief Marketing Officer, Denny Marie Post, thinks the wine shake will be successful:

“We’re not a big party restaurant,” says Post. “But for a mom to enjoy a wine shake with a burger is reasonable–and fun. The alcoholic shakes appear in a separate section of the menu dubbed ‘Adults Only Boozy Shakes.’ Customers have to be 21 to order them and will be carded. And they’re not served in conventional milkshake glasses, but in smaller cocktail glasses.”

I don’t know about you, but the idea of combining wine and dairy has me thinking more “Red Robin, UMMM…” than “Red Robin, YUMMM.” And I’m pretty sure (NOTE: absolutely positive, considering I went yesterday) that a bottle of Yellowtail Moscato sells for $6.99 at the liquor store down the street. But since it’s not socially acceptable for a middle-aged mom to down a bottle of wine with her kids at a burger joint yet, I’d say the rollout definitely has potential.

I know I’ll try it–at the very least just to see how it compares to the wine ice cream. Only time will tell if these milkshakes bring all the girls to the yard.

[via Chicago Tribune, USA Today]

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