Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend The Creepiest Gift Imaginable When He Leaves For College

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I will stand high on my soapbox and preach that guys are a million times crazier than girls until the day I die. Sure we ladies may throw shade at you and type you up a 30 question quiz to assess whether or not that female in your study group wants your D (answer: she does) but guys are sneaky crazy. Like break up with you and have their entire brotherhood turn on you because you “needed some space” crazy.

But this, my friends, takes the cake. Zara was an unsuspecting girl ready to take on her senior year of high school while her boyfriend, Jasper headed off to college. Instead of taking the normal route of “we’ll Skype every night and you can visit on the weekends” Jasper decided to spend what I assume was an ungodly amount of time making THIS for his lady friend…

Incredible. I am floored. I have so many questions.

How did he come up with this? Did he consult his friends before making this? Did they approve? Most importantly: why did Zara not immediately run the other way?!

What’s even more astounding is that the women of the world wide web are happy about this.

Yeah, Chrissy. I would too. Out of fear that I’d wake up and ole boy would be standing over me, watching silently as I slept. Is this what the millennial male has come to be? Is this what love is? Am I being harsh, or is Jasper truly conducting the crazy train? Guys, I just don’t know anymore.

[via College Candy]

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