Booze Delivery Service? There’s An App For That

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Bad hair day? Boy didn’t text you back? Got an exam grade less than half of your body weight? No matter what your excuse is to drink–although one really isn’t necessary–you can now order booze from your iPhone. Yep, you read that right: an actual booze delivery service. The app is called Drizly, and it is the lovechild of Tinder and Seamless. It lets users who are 21 and older swipe to pick their favorite poison, and then have it delivered to their doorstep 30 to 60 minutes later.

I’m sure all of us, including myself, have had this brilliant idea at one time or another, but it was Drizly CEO Nick Rellas who officially brought this concept of alcohol delivery to life. No more worrying about where the closest liquor store is or if it’s still open–and God forbid having to speak to an actual human over the phone to ask if they have your favorite wine in stock.

Instead, as the Daily Beast describes,

“Users can search Drizly by type of liquor, or even a specific brand, and the app does the rest for you. After making your selection, the app sends your order to the closest partnering liquor store near you, and while you’re entering your credit card information into the app, the store is actually processing the transaction.”

Although there is a minimum purchase price of $20 as well as a $5 delivery fee, you really can’t put a price on protecting the 21st Amendment.

As of now, the app is only available to the semi-alcoholics of metro Boston and Manhattan, but the company plans to expand live operations within the coming months. So Nick Rellas, if you’re reading this, I would like to say screw you for stealing the idea of every drunken college student in America–but thank you for actually making it a thing.

[via The Daily Beast]
[via Recode]

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