Blue Wine Officially Exists, So You Can Finally Drink In Red, White, And Blue

blue wine

We all love wine. It’s basic and it’s cliché and it litters our social media feeds but we don’t care. We love it. We love that wine makes us skinny and we love that we can drink it with our cats. Now, drinking wine just upped your 4th of July game in a major way, because drinking it can now make you patriotic AF. That’s right — there’s now blue wine, so you can finally drink in red, white, and blue.

So if white wine is made from white grapes and red is made from red grapes, where on earth does the blue color come from? The blue wine is made from wine producer Gik and it is a crazy, fluorescent shade of blue that definitely did not come from any fruit you can find in the produce section of Whole Foods. Essentially, CNet reports that this wine is made from a combination of both red and white grapes, and is naturally tinted with both indigo and anthocyanin to give it its exuberant blue color. Basically, it’s a rosé that perfectly matches your star-spangled Fourth of July outfit, so you know I’m going to bring along a bottle or twelve.

Unfortunately, the wine is currently only being sold in Europe (what the heck, Gik?), but the company reports that it should make it’s way over to the good ole U S of A soon enough. So it’s time to FaceTime your friends studying abroad in France and make nice, because even though they’re going to come home bragging about how real baguettes taste, if you’re lucky, they may also smuggle you home a bottle of the latest and greatest in the wine world.


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