Blair And Dorota Are Friends In Real Life And Everything Is Right In The World

Blair And Dorota Are Friends In Real Life And Everything Is Right In The World

Some friendships are so inspiring that they go down in history. One of these, ranked just above Lewis and Clark and just below Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, is dynamic duo Blair and Dorota. Blair’s complete trust and Dorota’s loyalty (not to mention tolerance of Waldorf’s bitchy schemes) deem them TV’s most entertaining friendship, and their bond is obviously unbreakable.

Adam Brody, Meester’s uber cute celebrity husband, recently revealed that the two are BFFs IRL. Excuse me while I take a major fan girl moment and picture Leighton Meester signing her texts “XOXO, Leighton.”

If you watch “Gossip Girl,” you know that this is a huge deal because the two are inseparable for six seasons. Dorota is essentially Blair’s skittish, foreign, mother figure, since Eleanor is a huge bitch and refuses to pull her head out of Serena’s ass long enough to realize that Blair Waldorf is perfect in every way. Blair is a key ingredient to all of Dorota’s major life events, including her sneaky courtship with Vanya, their eventual marriage, and the birth of their baby, Anastasia, who is for some reason never mentioned again.

This is amazing, and I can confidently say that I will continue to be amazed by this news all week long.

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