Bitter Troll Explains Why Frat Guys Treat Women Like Crap

I stumbled on an article so anti-Greek and completely inaccurate, I had no choice but to counter. One of the columnist’s opening lines, “It’s when guys join fraternities they take on a whole new kind of mentality one that entails treating girls like sexual objects and treating normal people like they don’t exist and only when they feel like speaking to you.” Just reeks of resentment and a holier-than-thou attitude, so often found amongst, dare I say, hipsters. She chose to break down the reasons frat boys treat women like crap, and I have repeated it here with my counter points.

Common fraternity behavior stipulates that you only associate with those around you and outsiders are treated like trash.

Personally, I try to get along with everyone, as do most of my male friends. Does it mean that they’re the girls I’m going to for Saturday night outfit advice (or taking bowl rips or whatever the guy equivalent is)? No. Certainly not the girls I’m closing down the bars with, but I’m hardly treating them like trash. There’s nothing wrong with preferring my sisters for certain activities because we have things in common. They also are far less likely to have a chip on their shoulder.

Normal looking and average girls are treated like second class citizens versus the pretty girls who get a frat guy’s attention and first priority for his time.

I am not really sure, as my nana would say, “what this has to do with the price of tea in China?” Attractive guys wanting to date attractive girls has nothing to do with Greek affiliation and has been going on long before the first fraternities were even formed.

Most frat guys think that pretty girls are more pleasing to the eye than a normal girl who acts like she’s got the sense god gave her.

Yes, I’ll give you that, sure. However, look at your demographic. It’s a bunch of 18-23 year old dudes. They’re not looking for their life partner, and affiliated or not, good sense is not high on the priority list for any male of that age

Frat guys live for partying, drinking, and chasing girls.

And? People need the opportunity to sow their wild oats so that when they become functioning members of society, they will be ready to settle down. Fact of life. I may give you that the fraternity men are…better at it, but it is by no means a paradigm isolated to the Greek system.

Normal people by frat guy standards are considered dull and boring and annoying.

Do you, yourself, not consider frat guys dull, and boring, and annoying? Not all people in the world are the same. Kumbaya, live and let live. I promise we are too busy enjoying social functions, and maintaining our grades to devote energy to non-Greeks except in a stupid passing joke, which should be taken for exatly what it is.

Normal girls are considered by frat guy standards as easy to get sex from.

Define “normal” for me, here. A guy is hand selected by a group of his seniors, goes through pledging, and is part of a brotherhood that he was chosen to have the opportunity to be in. What is the number one attribute a girl goes for in a guy? Confidence. So if girls are attracted to them, maybe “normal” girls are easy in their minds, but I’ve never witnessed something like that, personally.

Frat guys tend to hide girls they don’t think are attractive enough to bring around their friends.

Um, what? If a guy is using you as a backup plan for sex but not a visual prize, he’s not going to introduce you to his friends. That is not limited to the Greek community in any way, shape, or form, though. That’s just how guys in their mid twenties work.

Frat guys only speak to normal girls when they feel like it and/or when party girls get too silly and ignorant.

Or, well, it could be because you hang in entirely different social circles and it’s a little uncomfortable for him to strike up a conversation with someone who he has no mutual friends with.

Normal girls are deemed unattractive as in fat, ugly, and not looking like a Barbie doll.

No, that is not what the frat guys say. That’s sorority rush. As much as we deny it, part of the rush process is looking for the whole package and that includes beauty. It’s not even that if you aren’t in a sorority you can’t be beautiful, just that if you are in one, it’s preferred that you look good. If you’re fat and ugly, there are sororities for you, but it baffles me that you feel the fraternity culture is what has branded you that way. I would suspect society as a whole for this, or at the very least the girls in that sorority.

Normal girls are looked at by frat guys as someone they can talk to once in a while and ignore when they don’t want to be bothered with them.

Yeah, they do that to us, too. Welcome to the life of a slampiece. You’ll do it for a while, realize how much your hate yourself, and then stop. It’s by no means restricted to the non-Greek community and I have found it is most commonly practiced by ex boyfriends who know exactly when to call when you’ll be drunkest.

Frat guys think they can treat anyone or anything however they want even if the person has been nothing, but nice to them.

You read too much TFM. Greek organizations raise thousands of dollars for charity on a yearly basis, encourage academic excellence, and foster lifelong friendships. Any douchey behaviors you witness from the frat boys have little to do with their fraternity itself, and a lot to do with the fact that they’re young, drunk, and being wild while they still can.

Frat guys are conditioned to believe they’re ‘all that’ and that girls want them.

Well, you did just spend an entire column that reeked of bitterness and rejection. Methiks someone could use some quality jungle juice, late night basement rave, and the subsequent “why did I wake up in a loft bed and who the fuck is this” – It does the spirit good.



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