Bitter Chinese Wife Keys Car During Auto Show, Uncomfortable For Everyone

Recently, at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, a disgruntled middle-aged woman had a very public and awkward downward spiral. She begins by ranting about her husband’s younger looks and her dwindling appearance, then the real fun begins. She keys a $32,000 car and shouts that he has to buy it for her…now. This was all being recorded by onlookers on phones that the Western Hemisphere won’t have for another six years.

Here’s the video:

There’s a lot happening here. This bizarre attempt to force her husband’s younger and less wrinkled hand into buying the car is making headlines for a few reasons. First, have a look at the details of her logic. Is she expecting a different, non-scratched model instead of the one she ruined? Her embarrassed husband is probably out looking for a less insecure model now, LOL.

Second, let’s apply this weird thought train to college relationships. If I want my (imaginary) boyfriend to buy me a shot, should I key the bar counter? The shot glass or the bartender? The only thing that would come of such an aggressive act would be, oh wait, nothing. I’d be dropped faster than an 8am class.

The red flag in this news story is the jealous rant that spews out of her mouth. Shouldn’t she be thrilled to have a younger looking man? By the looks of her pleather jacket and bowl cut, the answer is yes. Even if she married Benjamin Button, the public outburst is excessive. We could place blame on the menopausal hormones, or her lack of a geisha-like upbringing, but for the love of China, don’t take it out on the hybrid.

[via NY Daily News]

Image via LiveLeak, YouTube


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