Biting Your Nails Can Be Good For You, So Shut Up Mom

biting your nails is good for you

Biting your nails has been regarded as one of the worst habits that you can have, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing it. Countless manicures have been ruined over this reaction to social anxiety. Despite the hideous look of chewed nails, I was addicted. As soon as I would lift a finger up to my lips, my mom would be on my back about how gross it is.

“Do you even know where your hands have been?”

“Yes, actually, firmly attached to my wrists at the ends of my arms.”

According to Pediatrics journal, a recent study focused on the correlation between nail biting and overall health.

Around a third of the kids assessed bit their nails or sucked their thumbs in their early years. This group was least likely to have allergies compared to the kids who didn’t have these habits by the time they hit their teens and adulthood. People who had the best immune systems were both thumb suckers and nail biters.

Pretty much, if the more kids are exposed to germs at an early age, the more their immune system is built up. So as a note to present and future parents, let your kid like the pole of merry-go-rounds if that’s what he’s into. Let her pound fistfuls of dirt straight into his pie hole if that makes her happy. In the log run, they are saving you time and money spent in doctor’s offices. So get off my back, Mom, I’m doing just fine on my own. Also, what’s for dinner?

[via Elite Daily]

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