Birth Control Is Making You Even Crazier Than You Thought


I have a secret. I’m not on birth control. And to be quite frank, I don’t ever want to go on it. I even had a prescription opened the package and got out the first pill, but could not get myself to toss back the tiny yet intimidating capsule. Why, do you ask? The side effects scare the shit out of me. My boobs are big enough as is, I just lost a decent amount of weight, and I would prefer not to be a moody bitch 24/7. And while these side effects are pretty rare, a new study just came out revealing more about the exact influence of oral contraceptive on women’s emotions.

The study in question looked at three groups: those on the pill, those on the pill but on their “off” week, and those who did not take the pill at all. After testing a variety of emotional attributes and finding few differences, the researchers decided to test how reactive the women would be when put in hypothetical situations. The test itself was simple: have women read a short story that was meant to evoke ~feelings~, and ask them how they would respond if the situation was in real life.

If you are on birth control right now, you can probably guess how this study turned out. Women who were taking the pill had crazy strong emotions, while the other two groups responded relatively rationally in their answers. To the scientists doing the study, this came as no surprise seeing as birth control is literally extra hormones that we put in our bodies. So yeah, birth control isn’t perfect. But you know what else makes you an emotional wreck? Having a kid. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m just going to go find myself an IUD.

[via Elite Daily]

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