Bikini From the Future Tells Wearer When She’s Had Too Much Sun

It’s 2013 and now we finally know how Judy Jetson got her tan on.

Solestrom, a company that manufactures what I would assume to be new-age technological products, is selling a $190 bikini, complete with a UV-ray detector. The detector is attached to the bathing suit’s belt and measures the strength of the sun from 0-20. The aim is to let people know the UV index to avoid sunburns. The bathing suit can also sense when you’ve “had enough sun.”

In an age that’s anti-UV rays, I think this bathing suit is a semi-reasonable idea when it comes to “sun protection.” I think it’s ridiculous for dermatologists to assume we’re never going to go out in the sun for fear of wrinkles. It’s pretty simple to avoid looking a day over 30. Just use a fuck ton of anti-aging cream and indulge in monthly botox and chemical peels after your 25th birthday. Fucking duh.

Anyway, I guess for those with fair skin, the bikini might be an alternative to let them know the SPF they should be using, or how long to stay in direct sunlight. I also think the fact that it only comes in metallic silver furthers the idea that it is, in fact, a spacesuit of sorts.

I have so many questions about this thing. Is it waterproof? Can the sensor get wet? How do you wash it? Can you sunbathe on Mars with it (it’s obviously made by NASA, right!?)? Can gingers use it? Do gingers go in the sun? Do gingers hate themselves more or less during the summer time? Speaking of gingers, when will Prince Harry fucking text me back already?

Okay, off topic. Anyway, the swimsuit is all the rage for people who feel like spending nearly $200 on looking decent. I prefer to go the au natural route and just bathe in the sun until my skin is perfectly bronzed, then follow up beach days with a spray tan to maximize my darkened tone. I’m sure for the fairer skinned, though, this actually might not be a bad option. I’m going to hold off until it comes equipped with a jet pack, which will make jetting from one yacht to another easy and convenient.


Image via Smithsonian


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