Beyoncé Just Casually Dropped A New Single And Music Video

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Queen of surprises, Beyoncé just did it again. With zero promos, she just released the single “Formation” PLUS a music video. Bey starts the song straight up addressing everyone’s (aka me) Illuminati accusations, and then the video gets real AHS: Coven.

The video is very political, but still includes the Beyoncé music video essentials: leotards, dancing, cinematic vibe. But this time we get to see Blue Ivy (!!!!!), who’s looking very grown up these days. They grow up so fast. Peep the video here, so you can be one of the firsts to watch. *hair flip*

Bey, along with Gaga, Britney, and Katy are all rumored to be dropping new albums this year. All the pop girls are back and ready to BRING it. Your move, ladies.

[via YouTube]

Image via YouTube

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