Beyoncé Is Ruining Our Lives And Making Sure We Never Get “Feyoncé” Shirts


There are a few reasons every girl dreams of getting engaged:
• The ring and/or announcement, which is sure to pull in a record-breaking number of likes.
• The whole, finding someone to love you forever and not dying alone thing.
• Getting a Feyoncé shirt.

The Feyoncé shirt has been an Instagram staple ever since that one friend posted a picture of it, and you instantly pinned it to your wedding board and snagged yourself a boyfriend. The Feyoncé shirt is almost as much of a staple in an engagement as the giant rock on your left hand. But now, thanks to Queen Bee herself, that’s all about to change. According to Cosmopolitan, Beyoncé is suing one of the main companies selling the coveted Feyoncé shirts and merch, because, you know, the whole “they’re using her likeness to get mad cash” thing. She’s particularly pissed about a mug with the phrase, “Feyonce: He put a ring on it.”

From BBC

As well as wanting to put a stop to the company’s activities the singer is seeking unspecified damages, which include all profits the company has made from the using the label.
Beyonce owns the copyrights to her songs and her likeness and sells a range of products, including clothing, perfume and mugs…She previously threatened the craft marketplace website Etsy with legal action for featuring coffee mugs also marked Feyonce.

Total Taylor Swift move, amiright? On one hand it’s like okay, it’s your name, we get it. On the other hand? This company had a good thing going and now newly engaged girls everywhere won’t have a t-shirt with a clever Bey pun on it. But hey, it’s not like she has enough money already, you know? This sad turn of events begs the question: if you don’t get a Feyoncé shirt, are you even engaged? Now we’ll never know. Thanks a lot, Beyoncé.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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