Best Show In The History Of Histories: “I Slept With A Celebrity” Is Now A Thing

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Stop. The Effing. Presses. Stop them right now, I say!

Andy Cohen, the god of television himself, is developing a new show that is sure to be another jewel in his reality TV crown. He already has the “Real Housewives” franchise on his list, along with my nightly obsession, “Watch What Happens Live.” Also, I legit have no idea how I’m going to survive until new episodes come back on June 15. Dead.

The new show, titled I Slept With a Celebrity, is, without a shred of hyperbole, probably going to be the greatest show to hit television since “M*A*S*H” (Alan Alda…drooool…). Every week, the show will feature two guests who will dish on how their run-ins with celebrities led to seeing what their bedrooms look like horizontally. Hopefully these guests will discuss everything from where they met to schlong size to…well, that’s about all I’m hoping for, really.

This show is sure to be a ratings juggernaut. I mean, with all the possible content out there, how could it not be? They could probably do an entire season on David Spade alone. The series doesn’t have a network yet, but it’s being shopped all over town to broadcast and cable networks, with Andy as the executive produce. NBCUniversal cable networks, such as Bravo and E!, have the first crack at it thanks to Andy’s deal he struck with them last year, which gave him the opportunity to create more shows for NBC networks AND allow him to stay on as host of “WWHL” for two more years. Thank Tyra! (You know, because she’s a deity. Get it? LOL.)

Honestly, between the shows that he’s produced, such as “WWHL” and “Housewives,” and the shows he was a part of as a TV executive, including “Millionaire Matchmaker” and “The Rachel Zoe Project,” I’m going to start calling my cable company every effing day and demand an Andy Cohen channel. All Mazel, all the time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to troll every bar in Hollywood until I find Scott Baio so I can get on this show.

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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