Best Friends At Tulane Find Out They’re Long Lost Sisters


My freshmen roommate and I were convinced we were the same person. She was the Serena to my Blair, and we looked so much alike that her blonde hair never prevented us from sharing the same fake ID. We even came to college with the exact same neon pink Urban Outfitters tiger shirt, which further convinced us that we were destined to be roommates and besties. Unfortunately, we weren’t actually related– unlike these Tulane best friends who found out that they were sisters.

Mikayla Stern-Ellis and Emily Nappi (an ADPi) started talking online and considered rooming together, because they had so much in common. While they didn’t end up living together, they kept in touch. Then, their lives became the unofficial sequel to The Kids Are All Right. Unfortunately, their story lacked Mark Ruffalo, but what it lacked in a hot guy on a motorcycle, it made up for in a happy ending that could generate a million precious Pinterest quotes about fate.

Once they got to Tulane, they realized they had even more in common than they first realized. They went shopping and bought the same exact jacket, unknowingly (sidenote: I so wish they bought the same jeans, because a jeans/genes joke is begging to be made). They also looked scarily alike.

Over winter break, they discovered they shared more than a love of winter-wear — they’re half sisters, because they share the same sperm donor. When Mikayla came home, she couldn’t stop talking about her new best friend. Her moms looked at a picture, and immediately wondered if the resemblance was more than what happens when best friends start to look strangely similar over time. They told her to text Emily and ask for her donor number, because there had only been about 1,000 Colombian donors on the list. When the girls found out they were sisters, they were overjoyed.

I did the same winter break Facebook stalk/recap with my parents freshman year, but unfortunately I didn’t come across any secret siblings. If I had, my life could’ve been like a real world Gossip Girl. Those kids are always finding out they have secret siblings. Apparently the Lower East Side doubles as faux-incest city.

These girls would have never found each other without Tulane, unless they created their own version of Generation Cryo, (although I’m glad they didn’t, because that show was always interrupting my Catfish experience). Their story proves that when it comes to college, you always end up where you belong (even if you don’t find a secret sibling).

[via Tulane Hullabaloo]

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