Being In A Sorority Might Mean Living Longer

More Friends, More Life

Whether she’s in your friend group or not, we all know that one girl who just has way too many “best friends.” She’s Instagrammed herself with no fewer than 15 different girls that week, claiming that each and every one is her very best friend. If you’re like me, those girls make you want to scream. “You can only have ONE best friend! That’s what BEST means! Read a dictionary, you idiot!!!” However, the trend of many best friends can’t be denied – if you don’t believe me, take a quick scroll through Taylor Swift’s Instagram. She collects her best friends like china dolls, and everyone in the world is insanely jealous, using the hashtag #squadgoals to talk about the crew of “best friends” they all wish they had. Well, science has now told us that there’s a reason behind our longing for a huge squad – if you have one, you’ll probably live forever.

The University of Rochester just released a scientific study that examined longevity in relation to your friendships. Those who had a solid squad in their twenties lived longer, healthier lives, while those who had limited social connections had a higher risk of early mortality. The most important part of building this squad is that you do it in your twenties – researchers say that with all of the things that typically go in your thirties, such as getting married, buying a house, building a career, and starting a family, it’s crucial that you build up those friendships in your twenties to boost those health benefits later in life. Basically, what I’m getting out of that is that even sorority girls live longer, because we have more friends.

So pick up the phone and start a group text with your besties for your weekend plans, because you’re way too pretty to die early. Besides, science says so.

[via Mic, Science Daily]

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