Being Basic Is A Good Thing


Basic is everywhere. It is riddled all over social media and our everyday vernacular. It’s been used as a derogatory term, and for the years that it has been used in its modern context, I have been resisting being basic. Call me a bitch, I would curtsey. Call me a basic bitch, I would cut you. But as the redundancy of the word increased, it lost its bite. Basic isn’t an insult anymore — basic is the thing to be. I have accepted being basic into my heart because slow but surely, I have realized my preconceived notions of basic-ism was a lifestyle I had already been actively participating in, but I had not recognized it.

Basic Is Popular

Even the word “basic” is basic. At this point, it’s just anything that is popular among college-aged girls. Leggings are basic because they are comfortable. Sushi is basic because it’s delicious. iPhones are basic because they are the single greatest invention since the curling wand (which is also basic). I’m just saying people who call popular things basic are posing hipsters who so desperately feel that the only way anyone will give them love or attention is to be different. I’m just saying.

Basic Is Normal

Speaking of being different, no one *really* wants to be different. We all want to get by without anyone criticizing us, so we go for what’s popular. Which is like, duh. In our “individualistic” society, those who are normal and average are most accepted. Not the ones with rainbow hair and a wardrobe that looks like you ransacked Steve Martin’s house. Sorry not sorry.

Basic Is Stylish

If something is basic, then it is liked by the masses. So isn’t that the same thing as a trend? People who are trendy are seen as superior while the basic bitch is inferior, but they are both equal. Both the trendy and the basic are conglomerations of the hottest item at the moment. We all shop at the same five stores, wear the same type of jewelry and end up matching each other when we go out in public. It makes for better Instagrams though.

Basic Is Low Maintenance

Basic is predictable, in the most positive way. You go with the flow and you just accept trends as the sweep your campus. Everyone’s wearing giant t-shirts and norts? Fine with me. I have to get boat shoes even though my school is a three-hour drive from any body of water? Seems weird, but okay. Basic is easy going, which is a highly favored attribute. Guys love basic girls. They never have to guess what you like, because it is pretty much the same as every girl, and since water seeks its own level, he himself is probably basic. You know he always wants a box just as much as you want a box from Tiffany. The two of you can just relish in what’s hot right now and show each other popular Vines that the other has already seen.

Basic Is Versatile

There is more than one type of basic bitch. There is the Preppy type. There is the Hippie type. There is the Edgy type. There is the Sorority type. There is the Cheerleader type. From the outside looking in, they are all the same. But from their perspective, that’s just who they are. We are all born basic, but the environment in which we grow up and the friends that we make shape which kind of basic we are. So try as you might, but you can not deny the fact that you are basic in someway or another, even by just reading this article. Own it.

Stay basic, bitches.

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