Basically The Entire University Of Pennsylvania Alpha Chi Omega Chapter Is About To Drop


The University of Pennsylvania’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter has had enough. According to The Daily Pennsylvanian, more than 90 percent of the Alpha Epsilon chapter is excepted to peace out by the end of the semester. Worse still, most of the girls actually wanted to revoke their own charter. Due to a few sisters who want to stay in the organization, however, every single girl who wants out has to formally resign.

So what the actual hell happened that made all of these women want to turn in their letters? According to the article,

The sorority was found in violation of Penn’s policy on drinking and drug use after a Penn student’s parent allegedly called the University about a drinking event, according to sorority members. The chapter also violated the sanction placed on them to not communicate with new members while they were under investigation.

First of all, what sorority doesn’t break “drinking policies?” Second of all, who tells their parents when they break drinking policies? This is why you NEVER drunk dial your mom. Drinking 101, guys.

Apparently, nationals had a mandatory meeting with the chapter this past weekend. But this was no ordinary, annoying, nationals chit-chat sesh. They told all of the sisters that those who failed to show up for the meeting would be kicked out of the sorority. Which seems super intimidating, except LOL at nationals because only two girls showed up. Two out of the 201 sisters in the chapter. Naturally, nationals changed its mind and said that sisters could still be affiliated even if they didn’t go to the meeting because talk about embarrassing.

The final breaking point, however, was when nationals found out that the members dropping were planning on forming an underground organization. Apparently they sent out an extremely sassy email “comparing an underground sorority to a knockoff Tory Burch handbag, which lacks the ‘same credibility’ as a real one.”

Which is funny, because the knockoff looks the same, feels the same, but is a hell of a lot cheaper. Huh, kind of like an underground organization. Ironic.

Either way, it seems that no more than ten girls wish to remain active. And what do those ladies have to look forward to? Completing Penn’s First Step alcohol education program, having the whole executive board resign, and the whole chapter has to abstain from any social events, including dry ones, for the next two years. But the worst part of their sanctions? According to an anonymous tipster, “the ban on “social events” also includes canceling their annual philanthropy event, which raised over $18K for a women’s shelter last year.”

The house, which no actives have signed up to live in, will most likely be filled AXO alumnae living and working in Philadelphia.

So, quick recap: the members can’t drink, can’t have ANY social functions, have to take “education courses,” and will share their sorority house with a bunch of postgrad has-beens.

Yeah, I’d become a GDI too.

[via The Daily Pennsylvanian]

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