Ballsy Girl Gets Back At Her Cheating Boyfriend In The Most Brutal Way Possible (Video)

Being cheated on is the actual worst. It makes you question everything about yourself, about your partner, and about the relationship. One of the hardest parts of the whole ordeal is deciding how to handle it. Do you forgive, forget and take him back? Do you walk away from the relationship with your dignity intact? Or do you get the cheating SOB back for breaking your heart?

If you’re this jaded Australian woman, you do the latter. What does she do to get back at her “cheater cheater another girl’s vagina eater?” She gives him a taste of his own medicine.

I have to admit, it takes total lady balls to do what this lassie did. It’s one thing to Instagram pictures of yourself with guys. It’s a whole other thing to upload videos post-fucking a random. Unfortunately, her (ex) boyfriend most likely laughed his ass off when he saw this. The point of the whole “I’ll show you what I’m doing to make you jealous” thing is to hook up with someone insanely hot. Like “Ryan Gosling” hot. Or “your boyfriend’s best friend” hot.

Besides, everyone knows that the best way to get back at a cheater is to tell him you’re pregnant and key his car. I mean, come on. Keep it classy, ladies.

[via Elite Daily]

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